Netherlands (Open)


EUC 2023 roster:

# Name Games Assists Goals Total
1Jiuru Li1171522
6Morris Witkam116814
7Matthijs Damen11178
8Jos Wessels912315
10Daniel Orviz11213
12Steven Chang1115823
14Roan Gaasbeek11022
17Foeke Schaap1131215
18Bor de Breejen11639
20Marius van Laar11112
22Joram Mossink11415
23Sjoerd Derks7011
24Maarten Brouwer112810
25Lars den Hertog8077
28Jurre Tanja11549
37Maxim van Oldenbeek1131417
42Johan van der Woude11211536
44Christian Hacker11213
45Finn Liersch11178
64Joji Nagaoka11426
88Francesco Cardinale9123
95Tjeerd Ates1014216
99Tom Blasman10251439

EUC 2023:

Division: Open

Netherlands 15 - 10 Austria  Game play
France 15 - 9 Netherlands  Game play
Great Britain 15 - 8 Netherlands  Game play
Netherlands 11 - 15 Switzerland  Game play
Ireland 15 - 10 Netherlands  Game play
Netherlands 12 - 15 Austria  Game play
Netherlands 15 - 11 Israel  Game play
Slovenia 8 - 15 Netherlands  Game play
Austria 15 - 13 Netherlands  Game play
Netherlands 15 - 8 Slovenia  Game play
Ireland 14 - 15 Netherlands  Game play


Event type Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
outdoor115645.5 %13812.514112.8-3
Total115645.5 %13812.514112.8-3
Event Division Pos. Games Wins Losses Win-% Goals for GF/game Goals against GA/game Goal diff
EUC 2023Open13115645.5%13812.514112.8-3

Spirit points received:

Given by Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
France2222311Good communication skills. Team informed us about their tendency of high physicality but we didn’t feel it on the field
Great Britain2233313
Austria2222210For Fair-mindedness and Communication the vote in the team was very close to a 3, so I want to point out the improvements made in comparison to our first game.
Israel2234314The game was handled exceptionally well, the players communicated well with each other and the captains kept making sure that everything is alright. Spirits were always high on and off the field regardless of calls, and we felt like both sides listened to each other.
Slovenia2224313They showed exceptional positive attitude through the whole game. They showed high intensity while encouraging us to do the same and improve our play. They kept calm and respectful throughout
Slovenia2224313There were several instances of close calls where they showed great self control and communication. Throughout the game they strived for high spirit and cheered plays from both teams.
Ireland2223211Wow! What a crazy account to consider it a lot of people are going to be a long time ago but I think it's a good idea to get a job at that time you want to go to the bank and trust that should be fine with the other team was a good day for you guys to come over and watch the kids Kamehameha another one in the morning and I can do it tomorrow regardless of what I have to do

Spirit points given to the other teams:

Given for Rules Fouls Fair. Attit. Comm. TotalComments
Great Britain2122310
Ireland2133312Ireland showed exemplary calm and collectedness in discussing calls and were willing to retract/correct calls made on the field, regardless of whether or not the call on the field would favor them.
Austria2222210Fair game. We felt like the friendliness/cheering/positivity was a bit too much which made it feel more insincere than sincere.
Israel2233212On the down side there were a few calls in the game that were a bit confusing. However, everything was talked about in a calm and collected manner. Israel made a really conscious effort to proactively talk through and about situations that occured and it made for an overall enjoyable game. After adressing the physicality of previous games we could also see that efforts were made to reduce the amount of physicality to the point that the game came down to pure and fair athleticism. Thanks!
Austria2223312From the last games to the previous games there was a clear improvement in game experience. In terms of attitude. It takes a mentally strong team to fight back from 7-2 to win 15-12. And even more class to do that fair and giving opportunity to discuss calls in a calm and open manner.
Slovenia2242313On multiple occasions slovenia was willing to look at situations from the perspective of their opponent instead of their own, without much discussion. Overall in such a tired last game this shows their willingness to play to the fairest degree.